Features Review

Fruit Ninja is an interesting video game where you need to concentrate on a variety of fruits and bombs showed on the screen. You need to slice fruits with a blade controlled by touching the screen in order to get grades.

Pay attention to the bombs and always try to avoid slicing them, which ensures you to get higher grades and to play longer. There are three patterns in this game, separately is Classic, Zen and the fan favourite Arcade mode, and each of them has its own play rules to improve your skills.

There are three patterns in this game, each of them has its own play rules to improve your skills. Those three patterns will be listed as follows:

Classic Mode

There is no time limit in this kind mode. The fruits and bombs will appear on the screen continuously. There are three chances for players to slice the fruits. You will lose once you touch the bomb. You will get another chance if you accumulate your score to 100.

Time Trial

This mode has the time limit that is one and a half minutes. There is no bombs expect the fruits. Players only need to try their best to slice more fruits.


This mode is the combination of the two modes mentioned above. There will be bombs and fruits together in this mode. And it also has the time limit of 1 minute. In order to get more scores, the game will not be over when touching a bomb. It will deduct ten scores if you touch a bomb.

Judging Standard

◆ Slicing one fruit will get one point and one pitaya equals 50 points under the circumstance of no combos of slicing.

◆ In the case of a combo, the score will be twice the quantity of the fruits you have sliced.

◆ There will be a critical strike when you slice the center of the fruit. You will get 10 points in this kind of situation.

◆ There will be extra bonus for maximum of 30 points if have a combo in the arcade mode.

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