Quizlet Learn With Flashcards - Review

Features Review

Created by Andrew Sutherland and released to the public in 2007, Quizlet is an online learning tool which trains students through flashcards, games, and tests. As the fastest growing Education site in 2016, Quizlet now ranked among the top 50 websites in the US and is rated as the world's largest student & teacher online learning community. Until November 2015, it has over 40 million monthly online visitors.

Quizlet can be available on many platforms including the web, which makes it ok for classroom teachers to use with the whole class of students. Start with Quizlet to improve your education level!

Overview of Features of Quizlet

● Check your memory through test with Learn.

● In the game of Match, you can race against the time.

● Prove you have a good preparation via Test.

● Share study materials with your classmates.

● Modify your pronounciations when learning a foreign language.

● Enhance your study through the images and audio built-in the app.


The mission of Quizlet is quite simple. It aims to help students or teachers practice or master what they're learning. Quizlet contribute to people everywhere providing engaging and customizable activities.

Why you choose Quizlet?

1. Create a study plan and then guide students or teachers through what and when to carry out according to the daily observations.

2. Observe what you're doing, how you are improving and what you have achieved with the short and actionable study sessions.

3. Powered by Quizlet's new Learning Assistant Platform, Quizlet uses the machine learning to process data from millions of study sessions. This app will help people learn more effective and efficient by knowing how they really learn.

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