Wattpad, from the company by the same name, is an example of socialism in action. Wattpad was founded on the idea it would be an electronic meeting place where any community member could share his or her own content and read content written or contributed by any other community member.Continue reading

You have most likely heard about Flipboard, the social news magazine app that everyone seems to be using. Rightly so as it has an intuitive interface and works great. One you may or may not have heard of is Zite, the personalized magazine app that is similar to Flipboard, but uses a different user interface setup and seems to stick to the news instead of your social feeds, which is growing on me.Continue reading

Echochrome was one of my favorite games of 2008. It was a PSP downloadable puzzle game that was all about changing perspectives and using physics to solve puzzles to complete levels. So when a game brings back memories of spending hours playing through Echochrome, it’s a very good thing in my world. Continue reading