SuperRope Rises to the Top With Addictive Gameplay for Fans

What if Tarzan had to ascend vines instead of swing from tree to tree in a horizontal fashion? If he had, he would be in a game called SuperRope. This endless platformer combines huggable characters with climbing fun to provide an all around good time. However, the game is quite difficult so be prepared to let out some jungle calls at your screen.

The goal of SuperRope is to guide your little funny animal up randomly spaced vines that are seemingly suspended in air, collect coins and dodge obstacles. How you get to the top is the most exciting part. The game offers a variety of pseudo-power-ups such as jetpacks, spinner hats and magnets to collect the almighty coinage. This all adds up for a lot of fun.

Be warned, the game is difficult. Of course, why would you want to play a game that let you win every time? That would be boring. The reason why SuperRope is challenging is due to it being one big obstacle course. And the further up the trees you get, the more obstacles you encounter.

Throughout the game, you have to change vines before the end of them or you die. You have to watch out for octopuses at the end of the vine or you die. If you get hit by a falling piano, yes piano, you die. Then, if you make it through all of that, there are still sections that are surrounded by random rock formations, through which, you have to navigate. And you guessed it, if you hit the side, you die.

Pack all this together and it’s a thumb-tapping blast. The only issue I have with the game is how long it takes to earn coins, which unlock power-ups, which allow you to get bigger multipliers, which allow you to unlock more levels. Rinse and repeat. This scavenge for coins type mechanism can be quite cumbersome, but to be honest, I was wrapped up in gameplay too much to care.

SuperRope also offers a timed mode that pits you against the clock. It has the same gist as the classic version, but this time you have to collect timers while you gather coins so that the time does not expire. It’s an extra element of fun.

Overall, SuperRope is a welcomed addition in the overpopulated bland gaming section that is the continuous climber. It’s perfect for fans of Doodle Jump, but those who want to shoot and blow things up might want to look elsewhere.

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