Uber - Review

Features Review

Uber is an instant call-car application that is developed by Uber TECHNOLOGIES, INC. headquartered in San Francisco. Uber positions itself not only a car calling application, but also a tool "providing more high-end and private trip plans for passengers".

Uber works through the mobile applications to connect the drivers and passengers. In America, users can call a Lincoln, Cadillac, BMW, Benz and other luxury private cars through Uber. Driver will provide services politely with a pair of white gloves, making passengers enjoy the services of private cars and feel glad to spend the money.

Besides, users can also call compact cars such as Toyota Prius and Volkswagen Jetta by Uber. Uber has provided services in more than 55 countries including over 300 cities. Passengers can call a car through sending a text or on a mobile application and drivers can also track passengers' location through the mobile application.