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Yahoo Weather is a free app allowing you to get accurate weather forecasts within an hour, the next 5-10 days in your location. It provides you current conditions with all the details such as the wind, pressure, the chance of precipitation.

You can add up to 20 different cities or destinations and select your desired ones to track what's the weather there.

With Yahoo Weather, you can enjoy the beautiful forecast. There are many features included in this application. Please see them in the following part:

◆ Include all the details of weather, like temperature, wind and moisture and more.

◆ The dynamic effect in this application make it more attractive.

◆ See interactive maps including radar, heat, satellite and more.

◆ Track all the cities you like and the send weather forecast.

Yahoo Weather gives you scenic photos matching the prevailing weather situation such as animated sunrise, sunset, rain, snow, fog and so on. What's more, interactive maps are available to browse such as radar, satellite, heat, and snow.

Tips for Yahoo Weather:

● Users can scroll down for detailed information about weather.

● Swipe left to right to move between different locations.

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