Embark Studios Takes Aim to Balance "The Finals" with Overdue Ability Adjustments

Embark Studios Takes Aim to Balance "The Finals" with Overdue Ability Adjustments

  • 25 Jan 2024
  • Germaine Pieper

In the action-packed landscape of competitive FPS games, balance is paramount. Embark Studios' "The Finals" is no exception, and it has been the subject of heated debates lately due to one of its abilities, Recon Senses, tipping the scales unfairly. While the latest patch surprisingly overlooked this contentious feature, a promising change is on the horizon, as indicated by the developer's engagement with the community.

The Recon Senses ability, designed for Medium-built characters, grants players the power to see adversaries through structures. This ability's precision wanes with distance; however, its cooldown can be manipulated to provide near-constant wallhacks. The blowback from the community has been strong, with many players finding it exceedingly challenging to counteract this advantage. The fervent calls for recalibration went unheeded in the most recent update, igniting further discussion and anticipation for a resolution.

Embark Studios, attentive to their player base, has signaled through Dusty Gustafsson, their Customer Support Lead, that rectifications are in the pipeline. Gustafsson's interaction on the game’s Discord server offered a glimmer of hope to those seeking a fairer playing field, revealing an impending update poised to recalibrate the controversial ability. This development illustrates Embark's intent to iterate on "The Finals" dynamically, keeping the competitive integrity intact.

Speculation on potential fixes for Recon Senses includes a variety of community-suggested solutions. These range from extending the cooldown period to providing opponents with notifications upon their position being compromised. The community has drawn parallels with adjustments made to similar abilities in other games, such as Battlefield 2042's Paik, advocating for analogous solutions that could effectively mitigate the ability's overpowering influence without necessitating its outright removal.

Despite these challenges, it's evident that "The Finals" is carving out its niche within the FPS genre. Its developers' commitment to continuous improvement and receptiveness to player feedback underpin the game's potential for longevity. If Embark Studios can successfully address the Recon Senses predicament and others like it, "The Finals" may well secure its place among the top contenders in the competitive multiplayer arena. The upcoming update is not just a test for a single ability's balance but a testament to the studio's dedication to its player community and the game's competitive future.