Foamstars Unveils Seasonal Update Plans Amidst PlayStation Release

Foamstars Unveils Seasonal Update Plans Amidst PlayStation Release

  • 31 Jan 2024
  • Brett Takken

Square Enix and Toylogic have made a big splash in the gaming world by unveiling the future of Foamstars, a new team-based shooter that echoes the style of Splatoon, with a robust lineup of seasonal updates scheduled to arrive every five weeks or so.

February 6 marks the debut of Foamstars, which will be featured as a complimentary title for PlayStation Plus members across all subscription levels. The game launches into its inaugural season, dubbed Starry Pop, which introduces two special ranked party events. Lonestar challenges individuals in a solo showdown, while Tribe-Vibe beckons teams to collaborate for victory. In these timed events, players can risk their collected Rank Points in a series of five matches, vying for the opportunity to amass even greater quantities of RP and ascend through the ranking tiers by completing a Rank-Up Trial.

Foamstars' debut season also presents the Extreme Party event. This season's iteration includes two novel game modes: All Mel T Party, allowing everyone to adopt the persona of Mel T, and Invisible Mode, where players navigate the game in a state of concealment.

Additionally, a weekend-only event, Happy FriYAY Party, presents gamers with a relaxed format to trial Season 2's newcomer Coiff Guy prior to his widespread release.

In true competitive gaming fashion, Foamstars rolls out with its own season pass structure, consisting of a complimentary tier and a premium option. Although all primary content, such as characters, maps, and modes, is attainable with both passes, the premium pass facilitates quicker access to new characters and offers exclusive aesthetic items.

Foamstars doesn't stop at its first season, stretching from February 6 to March 13. The game's roadmap extends to five subsequent seasons, each introducing fresh features. Enthusiasts can anticipate the arrival of new characters in the second, third, fifth, and sixth seasons. A new arena will unfold in the fourth season, and nearly every season will bring novel modes and missions.

Foamstars is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 6. For a limited window, PlayStation Plus subscribers of even the basic tier can enjoy the game without additional cost. Subsequent to March 5, Foamstars will be purchasable for $30.