Google Shifts Focus: Android 15 Beta 2 to Launch Tomorrow with Exciting Updates

Google Shifts Focus: Android 15 Beta 2 to Launch Tomorrow with Exciting Updates

  • 14 May 2024
  • Brett Takken

It's that exciting season once more! Google I/O is happening right now, and although AI updates took center stage during the keynote, there's plenty for Android fans to anticipate as well. Tomorrow, Google will release the highly anticipated Android 15 Beta 2, packed with new features and design tweaks. This marks a slight shift in the event's structure, with core technology updates taking center stage on the first day and new hardware and software releases following on the second.

In previous years, the Android beta would drop shortly after the main keynote, serving as one of the event's highlights. However, with Google now prioritizing AI and its related services, the Android betas have been relegated to a secondary slot. During the keynote, Google did touch upon some AI capabilities coming to Android 15, such as Gemini Nano, but left the bulk of Android 15-specific news for tomorrow.

The Android 15 Developer Preview kicked off earlier this year in February and has been receiving minor tweaks along the way. Just last month, we saw the release of Android 15 Beta 1.2, which was available for all compatible Pixel phones. Now, with Beta 2 on the horizon, we can expect some significant changes and a deeper dive into the features that will define this year's update.

Ahead of this beta release, several OEMs have already confirmed their participation in the Developer Preview. These Android partners will gain access to an installable build for their smartphones, allowing them to test updates and ensure app compatibility. For those keeping track, the Pixel devices set to receive Beta 2—and eventually Android 15—include the Pixel 6 series, Pixel 7 series, Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold, and the upcoming Pixel 8 lineup.

While Google hasn't yet spilled the beans on what the new beta will entail, it's clear that these updates are geared toward advanced users and app developers. The stable build of Android 15 is expected to roll out in October for Pixel devices, with other manufacturers following suit a few months later. Google seems to be returning to a multi-day, in-person event format, saving Android 15 news for the second day and making I/O a more extended affair. Stay tuned for tomorrow's online session to catch all the exciting updates!