Insomiac’s Cancelled Multiplayer Spider-Man Game Showcased in Leaked Trailer

Insomiac’s Cancelled Multiplayer Spider-Man Game Showcased in Leaked Trailer

  • 13 Mar 2024
  • Germaine Pieper

In December, an extensive data breach at Insomniac Games shed light on a project that was once underway but never saw the light of day - a live service multiplayer game titled Marvel's Spider-Man: The Great Web. This project, which has since been cancelled by Sony, was recently brought back into the spotlight through a trailer that found its way online, thanks to Insider Gaming and the quick spread on various social media platforms.

The unveiled trailer delivered a glimpse into the ambitious concept for the game, which was designed to allow five players to collaboratively confront the notorious Sinister Six. Featured within the footage were several characters players could embody, including Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Spider-Woman, Venom, Silk, and an assortment of Spider-Men from various universes.

Insider Gaming has shared that the creative thrust behind Marvel's Spider-Man: The Great Web involved the Scarlet Witch tearing open the fabric of the multiverse. This event would have paved the way for Spider-Heroes from different dimensions to unite against shared adversaries while enabling players to customize their chosen hero to their liking. It was also hinted at that the game was being crafted to offer an MMO experience akin to the structure of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Additional revelations stemming from the data breach indicate Insomniac Games' exploration into integrating multiplayer elements into upcoming projects, like the anticipated Wolverine game. Whether those plans remain on the table remains a matter of speculation.