Mastering the Art of Persuasion: A Guide to Winning the Debate Against Dr Ratio in Honkai: Star Rail

Mastering the Art of Persuasion: A Guide to Winning the Debate Against Dr Ratio in Honkai: Star Rail

  • 14 Jan 2024
  • Germaine Pieper

In the sprawling sci-fi adventure of Honkai: Star Rail, players are tasked not only with epic battles and character development but also with intricate quests requiring sharp wit and a penchant for deduction. One such challenge is the debate against Dr. Ratio in the event "Crown of the Mundane and Divine." This guide will walk you through how to come out victorious in this battle of minds, ensuring your place as a master debater aboard the Astral Express.

Understanding the Debate Mechanics

Understanding the Debate Mechanics

Before diving into strategy, it’s crucial to grasp the mechanics of the debate system in Honkai: Star Rail. Debates in the game require a keen eye for detail and the ability to connect the dots between various pieces of evidence gathered during your investigation. Pay close attention to the dialogue and recall specific pieces of evidence when making your case.

Gathering the Necessary Evidence

The key to any debate is a solid foundation of evidence. In your discourse with Dr. Ratio, you’ll need to have thoroughly investigated the preceding events and collected all related Cognitive Chasms:

  • Cognitive Chasm: Genius Society Member
  • Cognitive Chasm: Confidence Crisis
  • Cognitive Chasm: Spontaneous Human Combustion

These items play a pivotal role in presenting a compelling argument against Dr. Ratio’s suspicions.

Phase One: Establishing Your Argument

As you enter the debate, Dr. Ratio will challenge your recollections and the veracity of your findings. This is where your investigation pays off. When prompted, select the Recall button to bring forward the appropriate evidence corresponding with his statements.

  • Herta’s Curio: Use the Cognitive Chasm: Genius Society Member evidence to underscore the unique significance of Herta’s collection.
  • Asta’s Secrets: Counter with the Cognitive Chasm: Confidence Crisis to reveal potential hidden motives.
  • Correlation of Attacks: Present the Cognitive Chasm: Spontaneous Human Combustion to connect the events with the larger mystery.

Delivery is everything — remain confident and stick to the facts you’ve meticulously gathered.

Phase One Establishing Your Argument

Phase Two: Engaging in Intellectual Tug-of-War

Dr Ratio is not easily swayed. Your success will depend on how well you can reinforce your evidence against his scrutiny. Use the clues given to you by other characters to debunk his claims:

  • Clue: Dimension - Phasing Flame: Ties into the abilities of Duke Inferno and the peculiar incident of combustion.
  • Clue: Booklet: Illuminates possible revelations that Adler stumbled upon, which may be pivotal to the debate.

Brace yourself for Dr Ratio's counterarguments and stand firm, providing your evidence with unwavering assertiveness.

Concluding the Debate

By addressing each of Dr. Ratio's points methodically and with well-researched evidence, you will eventually wear down his defenses. The debate will reach its climax, paving the way for you to bring your interlocution to a decisive end. Remember, it’s as much about the journey as it is about the conclusion — each point made is a step closer to success.

A cutscene will signal the end of the debate. With Dr Ratio acknowledging your persuasiveness, you have secured a new ally and have advanced further into the narrative of Honkai: Star Rail.

Concluding the Debate

Final Thoughts

Winning the debate against Dr. Ratio requires a mixture of preparation, attention to detail, and a strategic mind. By following this guide and approaching the argument with confidence, you’ll be able to navigate the complex web of debates that Honkai: Star Rail offers. Let this victory be a testament to not just your prowess in combat but also to your intellectual acumen within the vast cosmos of the game’s storytelling. Good luck, Trailblazer!