New VR Game Metro Awakening Emerges for PlayStation VR2 and More

New VR Game Metro Awakening Emerges for PlayStation VR2 and More

  • 01 Feb 2024
  • Ayten de Goede

Fans of the iconic Metro series can gear up for a fresh, immersive encounter as Metro Awakening, a virtual reality title based on the series' nuclear-devastated universe, is announced for the PlayStation VR2. This new adventure, suitable for single-player virtual reality enthusiasts, is also set to launch on other prominent VR platforms.

The gripping narrative of the Metro world, originating from Dmitry Glukhovsky's compelling novels, introduced readers to a bleak, war-torn vision of Moscow, where survival in the sprawling metro network becomes paramount. The Russian author's tales seized hearts in his homeland, and the Metro video game series, developed by 4A Games of Ukraine, cast a wide net of international acclaim. Nearly half a decade after the release of Metro Exodus, the next installment, Metro Awakening, has been confirmed.

The revelation, made during Sony's recent State of Play, penciled in a 2024 release date for the VR rendition, making waves among PlayStation VR2, Steam VR, and Meta Quest players. Vertigo Games, the Dutch indie studio that brought gamers the celebrated VR hit Arizona Sunshine 2, platforms the project. The studio's blog underlines Metro Awakening's intent to offer a new narrative-driven VR expedition, pre-dating the events chronicled in Glukhovsky's novels.

Vertigo Games' Vision for Metro Awakening in a Virtual Reality Setting

Vertigo Games assures that the hallmarks of past Metro titles, including survival elements and stealth tactics, will receive a new dimension through advanced VR technology. Dmitry Glukhovsky himself, despite his recent condemnation to eight years by a Moscow court due to his outspoken views on the Ukraine war, retains a direct line to the game's heart. Hailing from outside Russia's reach, he has influenced Metro Awakening's story and lore, shaping its universe with the knowledge of its creator.

Anticipation for Metro Awakening Builds for the 2024 Release

Initially seeping through the digital grapevine as a pre-State of Play leak, whispers of Metro Awakening intrigued fans with talk of potential multiplayer gameplay—an aspect conspicuously missing from its predecessors.

Moreover, Sony's kickoff State of Play for the year unveiled a trove of gaming prospects beyond the Metro franchise’s virtual reality foray. The event spotlighted several high-profile and indie offerings, ranging from the much-discussed Death Stranding 2: On the Beach by Hideo Kojima to the newly highlighted Helldivers 2 and Zenless Zone Zero. Additionally, mention was made of V Rising, the vampire-centric RPG making its move to PS5, and Stellar Blade, which is embarking on a console journey this April.