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Geometry Dash is a popular platformer that allows players to control the cube that has to successfully avoid all the dangerous objects and cross the finish line. The game is fun to play thanks to the dynamic gameplay and nicely developed sound design. There are more than 10 different complicated levels. Each level has a unique soundtrack that helps players to diversify the gameplay. You can download Geometry Dash for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. The game has been downloaded more than 100 million times from the Google Play Market, App Store, and the official Steam page.

What Is a Geometry Dash? 5/5

Geometry Dash is an exciting platformer with multiple difficulty levels. Each level required you to avoid all the dangerous traps and cross the finish line. However, if you touch even one trap or bump into a wall, the level will be restarted. You will not only control the cube but can also enter various locations of the level that allow you to control the rocket or turn the map upside down, which makes it harder to complete the level. 

The game offers a customization system that allows you to change the model of your cube and also select preferable colors. You can also browse the list of rocket models and choose the one you like. To get full access to the colors and models, you need to purchase the full version of the Geometry Dash game. However, you can use Geometry Dash Lite and have a limited number of available models and colors.

Geometry Dash Visuals 5/5

Geometry Dash is a colorful game with a large number of special effects. You will be able to see blinking textures and colors of the interface changing in a matter of seconds. In addition, Geometry Dash is a platformer, which means that you can run this game even if you are the owner of a weak device. Each level looks differently and traps, walls, and platforms are placed in different positions. It will have to be careful to jump in the required time.

What Is the Difference Between Game Versions?

First of all, Geometry Dash for iOS and Android versions are the same. They have identical level design and sounds. Also, the controls are straightforward on both platforms. All you have to do is to tap the screen to make your cube jump. The PC version of the game has some differences in control. For example, you can use your mouse or tap a certain button on a keyboard to make the cube jump.

Is Geometry Dash Worth My Attention?

We recommend you to download the Geometry Dash game because of its soundtracks and gripping gameplay. You will enjoy playing the game in case you are looking for a nice time-killer. Despite the simple controls, it sometimes can be complicated to jump right on time and avoid the obstacles, so, most likely, you are going to have many attempts to complete the level. We hope you got the required information about the game from this Geometry Dash game review. Tell us more about the game if you have played it!