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Features Review

Minecraft is a popular first-person survival game that allows users to visit many fascinating places and explore the game world. In addition, you can play Minecraft with friends or random users. However, you can also play the game alone. Minecraft became popular due to its unusual graphics. You can download Minecraft for Android, PS3, PS4, Windows, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and other popular platforms.

Exciting Minecraft Gameplay 5/5

Minecraft game offers a few different game modes that can easily draw your attention. The most popular game mode is a survival one. There you have to get resources by chopping down the trees, mining fossil fuels, killing the enemies that can give you some rare loot, or exploring various parts of the game world.

The world is divided into biomes. Each biome is different. There are desert, jungle, field, savannah, and many others. There various enemies that can attack you. You need to build your shelter and save all the important resources. Survival mode is fun to play with friends. If you die in survival mode, you will be respawned. 

You can also try out the hardcore game mode. It is similar to survival, but here you can die only one time. If you die once, your game world will be deleted. The creative game mode provides players with an unlimited number of resources. You can build, fly, and you cannot die there. It is fun to play the game mode in case you are not a fan of survival one.

Minecraft Visuals 4/5

Minecraft is a game with unusual survival games graphics. All the in-game objects have a cubic shape. The picture is colorful and bright. But of course, it is not realistic at all. The graphics may not be exciting for people who are not fans of cartoonish graphics.

Nevertheless, it is still entertaining to play Minecraft. You do not need a strong device in order to run the game. You can change the graphics quality in the game settings if needed.

Are There Any Differences Between Game Versions?

There are some differences in control. For example, if you play the game on a mobile device, gaming console, or PC, the controls are going to be different. Thus, you will have to get used to the game controls. The gameplay and features of Minecraft are the same for all the platforms. You can easily team-up with your friends and play with them. If you use a PC, you can connect the gamepad if you have one. The game offers full gamepad support for players.

Build and Survive in Minecraft

We recommend you to download Minecraft because it is a fun game that allows users to have fun surviving with their friends or alone. Many exciting game modes are definitely going to attract your attention. However, some people may not enjoy the graphics of the game. We hope this Minecraft game review helped you to understand what the game looks like. Tell us more about your experience playing this game.