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Launching into uncharted dimensions of action role-playing games is Remnant II, the much-anticipated sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes. The brainchild of Gunfire Games and Gearbox Publishing, it was warmly welcomed by the gaming fraternity across PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S platforms in July 2023. Embodying a perfect blend of thrill and strategy, Remnant II outperforms its prequel and sweeps you to a world but familiar yet distant. 

Gameplay: The New World Order

Expect a seamless transition from the predecessor but with a strong punch of enhancement. In Remnant II, the third-person shooter experience goes beyond the conventional, introducing a deeper immersion into a "Soulslike" universe. Accoutred with two guns and a melee weapon, players activate archetype-specific strengths and skills that drive them in the dystopian landscape. The new system allows such dynamic character development that players often find themselves evolving according to the situations unfolding.   

Innovative Character Classes: The Melee-Marksman Paradox

In switching gears from the previous norm, Remnant II elevates its gaming experience with revamped character class systems. The Gunslinger, for instance, is your updated Ex-cultist with an increased reliance on firearm usage. The Handler class brings along a canine companion for assistance, and the Challenger class has the ability to release an enemy-disintegrating shockwave. What sets Remnant II apart is the dual-classing feature, allowing players to unlock new classes' mid-games and combine them for added game diversity. 

Beyond Random Procedural Generation: Redefining the Game Genesis

Building the excitement, the procedural generation has been reimagined and expanded upon. No two plays ever look the same; from the regional aesthetic, enemy types, non-playable characters, and the storyline itself, everything becomes a part of this random generation. Whether braving alone or tagging along with two more players, the game makes sure that every playthrough is a fresh and enjoyable experience.

The Underlying Narrative: Good versus Evil

Sprawled across varied universes, players fight back against ruthless destructive forces threatening humanity's existence. Your journey is filled with formidable bosses and their minions, pitting highly challenging encounters in your path. However, with adequate skills, teamwork, and the right equipment, even the strongest of enemies can be beaten, making your venture a memorable one. 

New Worlds Awaits: Unveiling the Unknown

Exotic landscapes and hostile terrains wait for the players, where they encounter unknown enemies and allies alike. The thrill of meeting new characters, acquiring new weapons, and adding items to your collection adds to the appeal of the game. Every playthrough hence becomes not just unique but also full of the anticipation of the unexpected. 

Revisiting Survival with Remnant II

Remnant II represents an amalgamation of glorious elements from the original and the evolution of these into fresh, exciting concepts. The expanses of the Remnant universe now offer more challenges and more rewards, allowing you to relish the satisfaction of overcoming a myriad of threats.


  • A fresh take on character classes with dual-classing and special perks;
  • Comprehensive randomly generated universes making every playthrough unique;
  • Cooperative multiplayer mode;


  • Steep learning curve due to the complex class system;
  • Random generation might lead to abrupt difficulty spikes;