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Goat Simulator is one of the main directions of the gaming industry. Usually, they compete with each other in realism and compliance with the real world. But with Goat Simulator, the situation is different - this game offers to put on the skin of a goat, devoid of the rules of decency and the instinct of self-preservation. Download Goat Simulator from the App Store or Google Play and enjoy simple gameplay!

Scary Gameplay of Goat Simulator 3/5

You find yourself in command of a quaint village that includes a construction site, a few homes, a filling station, an office building, a cornfield adorned with mysterious circles, a local version of Stonehenge nestled in the forest, a ceremonial platform in the mountains for otherworldly rituals, and a hidden research facility, among other things. There's no grand mission to undertake. Given your role as a goat, your options for activities are unique; forget about producing milk. Your purpose is to wreak havoc on this charming town, with a preference for creating as much chaos and destruction as possible. Seek amusement by hunting for all the collectible statues that unlock various game modifiers or by striving to complete every Steam achievement. To gather certain awards or secure achievements, you'll need to invest many hours into exploration and mayhem. 

The gameplay is not easy to describe. After a sudden appearance on the map, without any explanation, like a real goat terminator, you need to crush and throw. The menu displays quests - to jump there and collect 20 gold trophies. The main task, as far as possible in such an aimless game, is to inflict damage on yourself and the inhabitants of the city. 

Weird Graphics or Just Special Style of the Game? 4/5

Even a child can understand the interface of the application. Apparently, at the design stage, the developers have not yet reached the rich reserves of psychotropic substances. The start page welcomes you with a sightseeing tour of one of the game's locations - Goat City. After choosing the Play option and the location, the player is given the reins over the seemingly ordinary goat. And from this moment begins what should be described by the word madness. This is probably why it is impossible to criticize the game seriously. Yes, the graphics and management sometimes enrage with ill-conceived moments, golden trophies are placed in inaccessible places, and animations go crazy.

Convenient Controls of the Goat Simulator

The image rendering is powered by Unreal Engine 3, while a finely tuned Nvidia PhysX engine handles the physics. The rendering distance may not be the highest, but the engaging complexity of the controls will keep you too preoccupied to mind. Regarding the controls, they include an array of input methods: a joystick for navigation and four distinctive virtual buttons. These buttons enable the goat to collapse, head, belch, or latch onto items with its adhesive tongue. The purpose? To wreak havoc, naturally. Be sure to glance at the top left section of the screen, where you will find four critical features discreetly placed. 

Crazy and Funny Goat Simulator

Is this crazy? Yes, and his name is Goat Simulator. This is a playground on which the player is left to himself, but even a minimal imagination will allow him to have fun and get high with the enchanting improbability of the action that takes place on the screen. There is nothing more fun than the GS in this regard.

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