Features Review

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is three hundred sunny days a year, an exhibition of chocolate bodies on the Pacific coast, gangsters in "jumping" convertibles, the glitter and cynicism of Hollywood, gnats stuck to orange trees, and shootouts outside the window at three in the morning ... Developer "Rockstar North" will send you there for just $ 50 from anywhere in the world. You can download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to any platform, mobile phone or PC.

The Gameplay of the Well-Known Game 5/5

The gameplay structure of GTA: compared to the previous two parts, San Andreas is much more convenient - the developers have added the ability to climb and swim, which was not there before. In addition to moving on foot, players can use various types of technology, among which there is even a jetpack. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — this simple story is played here so clearly, so cool, with such epic power and psychological brilliance of the narration that the game stands out from the whole series purely in terms of the plot. The only question is how many missions the cops will try to squeeze out of Karl before they shoot or frame him ... and how long Karl, the typical black guy of the NWA era, will tolerate this criminal exploitation.

Impressive Graphics in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 5/5

The modification for San Andreas improves the graphics of the game and, according to the authors of the mod, brings GTA: SA almost to the level of GTA 5 with the help of various modifications responsible for image processing. Now we have a whole state - a prototype of the state of California. It has 3 cities - also prototypes of Los Santos - Los Angeles; San Fiero - San Francisco; Las Venturas - Las Vegas! There are also mountains, fields, forests, meadows, small villages, and even deserts of indescribable beauty. The height level has risen 2 times compared to Vice City. There are tractors, forklifts, water scooters, etc. Graphics and physics are San Andreas' weakest point. For GTA: SA at 1920 x 1080 (FHD) at ultra settings, you need a GeForce GTX 1650 4GB (63 FPS) graphics card or better. The more powerful the video card is, the more productive the processor must be for the combination to work at full strength. And yet, because of the shaders, this game will not work with GeForce 4 MX owners. It is because of this that the system requirements are not so high. The RockStar engine has been heavily upgraded, adding many new effects. In fog, visibility is almost zero, in the rain, the image is blurry, and when you are racing at high speed, the image is stretched/blurred. 

Controls Convenient for Everyone

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas requires an entry-level gaming computer. San Andreas has a role-playing system for pumping and changing the appearance of the hero. The game will not annoy you with random freezes, glitches or freezes. By the way, the newfangled support for physical controllers for iOS is also present here. Most of the keyboard layout can be edited, that is, you can assign a command to the key that is most convenient for you to press. The only exception is menu navigation: here control is mostly done with the arrow keys and WASD (forward, left, back, and right, respectively), LMB / Enter is responsible for selecting a menu item, and RMB / Backspace / Esc is an exit.

If You Can't Choose What to Play - GTA: SA Will Be the Best Choice

GTA: San Andreas is steeper than the previous one in all respects. Here the physics is more interesting, the graphics are better. The game has more interesting missions, and most importantly there is an opportunity to develop the character physically and increase the influence depending on the game behavior. Unlike all other console and computer games, in San Andreas, this system can be used not only for self-improvement, building up your coolness and external qualities, but also for self-destruction.