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Having built anticipation over the months through its compelling trailers, Tower of Fantasy finally stepped into the gaming world, exhibiting a post-apocalyptic saga embraced by a multitude of anime characters. Impeccably designed, bustling with impeccable graphics, and infused with an explorative world, it intrigued gamers far and wide. However, the game has gathered a mixed spectrum of reviews, primarily framing confusion within its gameplay structure and character manifestation.

Gameplay - Lost in Chaos

Roundly labeled as a “Genshin Impact wannabe”, Tower of Fantasy is awash with high-octane fights, weapon juggling, and intense combat sessions. The developers have made obvious efforts to create an expansive combat system, but it seems more chore-like than thrilling. Each fight lacks depth, and while this might resonate with the casual gamer, it is fighting shy away from the grapple of avid gamers who seek a nuanced combat experience.

The gameplay of Tower of Fantasy is a paradox, seamlessly blending artistry and complication. At its best, it is ambitious, pioneering an expansive world full of vibrant landscapes and cities torn between renewal and decay. The developers have invested heavily in rendering the atmosphere as immersive as possible - the result is a visual delight that ensnares the senses.

In terms of combat, the dynamic system is filled with dazzling effects. Using a real-time battle system, players will toggle between melee and ranged attacks, bombard enemies with spells, or showcase their acrobatic prowess with parkour-inspired movements. Sprinkled across, treasure chests await discovery; quests promise excitement and epic battles portend glory.

However, the hollowness within the combat strategies exposes the gameplay’s underbelly. The strategies primarily settled on weapon juggling; here, players are mostly seen switching their weapons rather than their methods. The skill tree, while extensive in nature, remains largely overshadowed by the seemingly urgent need for weapon changes. Hence, one will find more reliance on acquiring flashy weapons than mastering tactical skills or understanding the nuances of different enemies.

The game appears to be designed with a friendly approach for mobile gamers. Hence, the combat isn’t stressing precision aiming or complex input commands. In its race to acquire an edge in the mobile gambling niche, Tower of Fantasy seems to have shackled its potential in the combat design.

The aspect of exploration admits gratification and grueling in equal measures. On the one hand, the world is sumptuously detailed, teeming with various flora and fauna and brimming with detailed locales that one can admire. However, the quest system doesn’t offer explanations or guides to roadmaps, leaving one to wander aimlessly until colliding with goals unintentionally. Cross-world exploration can, hence, become a daunting task.

Overall, the game’s magnificent world design is paradoxically marred by shallow combat and listless exploration. One can only hope the developers will roll back the dice and embark on a redemption crusade in upcoming patches to win back the insights of avid gamers.

Voice-Acting - A Shattering Experience

While the game has made creative strides in its visual department, its voice-acting wing falls short. Especially exasperating is the English voice acting, which evidently struggles to match the mood of the overwrought characters stumbling in a world in ruins. The storyline pacing, which seems to be in a frantic rush, further thins out the plot, leaving the players wanting more. Nevertheless, the game fares slightly better in its Japanese, Chinese, and Korean narratives.

A Tangled Web

Tower of Fantasy springs forth a fundamental oddity by fusing gacha elements into MMO gameplay. Essentially, every standard gacha match involves players of variable strengths, offering a game ecosystem that conservative and competitive players can both appreciate. However, Tower of Fantasy places an undue burden on the entire team if one member lacks top-tier characters, upsetting a critical balance, thus breaching the norms of MMO games and possibly leaving followers perturbed.

A Tally of Players' Impressions

Introducing new sorts of gameplay to the gaming scene is a risky gambit, and player sentiments suggest that Tower of Fantasy didn't quite hit the jackpot. The game's mix-and-match approach of gacha in an MMO setting has created a hierarchy of disappointment in the gaming camp. Players have expressed a desire for more strategic combat, with less emphasis on the gacha elements, which seem to undermine the otherwise intriguing post-apocalyptic storyline.

Overall, the game garners both praise and criticism. To summarize:


  • Breathtaking graphics;
  • inventive world exploration;
  • Multilingual voice-acting;
  • Dazzling combat effects;


  • Poor English voice acting;
  • One-dimensional characters;
  • Overcomplicated gameplay;
  • Rushed storyline;
  • Unbalanced fusion of gacha and MMO;
  • Deficient strategic combat;
  • Procrastinative character development;

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